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If you are just out of school or even a teenager on holiday, babysitting is a great way to earn some pocket money or income. This is also great as a side income if you are already working elsewhere full time. You will find in most conversations that almost everyone would have babysat at some point in their lives. If you are just starting out however, finding the first job may prove difficult as most of these types of jobs go on recommendations and word-of-mouth. Don’t be discouraged as with a little informal experience, performing well in the interviews and advertising strategically, you can be on your way to easily secure a babysitting job.

Get Some Informal Experience

It is crucial to get some informal experience by offering to take care of younger relatives, siblings, family or friends when their parents or the adults are out. Volunteer to watch over your young cousins or your neighbor’s children. Apart from this being valuable for when you are seeking out for jobs, you will find that you will learn on the job and see if you are able to handle and manage children. You will find that there are various techniques to entertain children depending on how old they are. For example, you can give them Australian made wooden toys for babies. Furthermore, your first “customers” can help you with recommendations when you are looking out for more babysitting jobs.

Advertise Your Services

When advertising a service of this nature, make sure to write a brief description about yourself on the flyers along with some personality traits without sounding too formal. Highlight an attractive heading such as “Looking for a babysitter?” and then include some traits such as being responsible, loving and reliable with children. Let them know that references can be given upon request and don’t forget to include your number and name with tear-off strips. Get help from friends and family to distribute these on bulletin boards in schools, coffee shops, day care centers and gyms in your local community. Word-of-mouth is also a powerful marketing strategy as it is a way of personal recommendation as well. Search on job websites for vacancies or fill out your profile on babysitting sites so that they will contact you when there are possible vacancies available.

Additional Training

While it is not compulsory, it is in your best interests to get some basic first aid training in order to increase your chance of securing a job as well as be fully equipped with life skills. There are often classes conducted by the local hospitals or Red Cross branches that you can attend for a short period of time as most of them are also one–day workshops. Hopefully, you will not have to use some of the more intense techniques however, knowing what to do when a child is choking for example is a life skill that would come in use for anyone during any period of their life. In addition, you are likely to be offered a higher pay rate with additional training.


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