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Having a baby on the way, you need to make way for the little one. This means you’re quite busy. One of the things you’re busy with is looking for a crib for your child.

When looking for a crib, you could either buy it new or used. Unfortunately, buying it used is not a good idea. Many people ignore this, putting their child in harm’s way.

We don’t want this for your kid, which is why you’ll need to read this article. What you’ll see below is a comprehensive guide of the many things that will take place if you buy them second hand.

Creepy Crawlies

When buying a crib second hand, you might be facing off with termites or even bed bugs in the near future.

You just got it from someone else. You don’t know the conditions they lived in or how they treated the crib after they were done with it.

This is why termites may have got their way to the poles of the crib. If the crib came with a mattress, there may be bed bugs in them.

As you can imagine, these are horrible things to have around your kids. Not only do these creatures carry pathogens, but they would cause immense rashes- Babies have extremely sensitive skin so them crawling on your little one’s body will cause a huge rash.

The Support Is Weak

For the crib to stand, there are frames keeping it up. These frames may not be the safest. This is as another baby was inside of it, so he may have treated the crib poorly, damaging its structure. Although the crib looks fine, with a few knocks it may fall apart.

This is very dangerous when you have your little one inside as he may break free, finding himself in danger as you’re not paying attention to him.

If the support breaks and the crib falls apart, he may get stabbed by one of the pieces or he could injure his little head- ouch!

The Parts Aren’t Regulated

As the crib was bought second hand, the chances of it being old are very high. Even if it’s in great condition this is not something that you should want.

Governments regulate baby products quite a bit. In some countries, it’s illegal for you to buy used cribs as the parts are not up to the government’s current regulations. This may be the case with the crib you currently own.

It Doesn’t Fit

As it’s old, it may not be the most functional. Its dimensions may be awkward, not fitting mattresses or sheets very well. Such a thing may especially be the case if it’s a special type of cot bed fitted sheets or mattress.

Used Cribs Aren’t That Cheap

You’re buying them as you think you’re saving money, right? Well, there are countless cribs out there so you’re bound to find one that’s within your budget.

In conclusion, there are quite a bit of reasons why you should buy a crib brand new- as you can see.


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