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A little one on the way? Congratulations! Let us help you make the next step and prepare the nursery for the baby. Here are some great tips to consider when decorating a nursery.


A floral theme for girls or a nautical theme for boys is some of the most commonly used ideas for nursery themes. However, if you are keeping the little one’s gender a surprise, or still don’t know the gender the best is to select a gender neutral theme. A nature theme, alphabetical theme or a cartoon character theme can be selected. The theme for a nursery is not always a must. If you feel like choosing a theme is not necessary, you can skip this part and keep the decoration theme-free as well. Instead you can set the mood through the colours you choose to decorate and the toys you might buy.


The colours you will use in a kid’s room might not be ideal for an infant’s room. Stick to lighter shades but don’t choose white either. White can get stained easily, especially with babies, and is hard to clean. Instead choose colours such as sky blue, salmon pink, lilac, mint green or beige. These colours add tranquillity to any space and can create the calm and quiet mood for your baby to relax in. There will be plenty of painters across Brisbane if you are too caught up in work to paint the room. Hiring a painter can help you with ideas for painting as well.


This might probably be what you should look out for the most when selecting. Many toys in toy shops are for kids of three years and above. So make sure always that the toys you select are for infants under three years of age. Wind chimes or musical hangings above the cot will be the best toy to keep the little guy occupied for a while. Babies love noise. So a lightweight rattle will be a good toy for an infant. Many would select soft toys too but if you buy those make sure the toy is well cleaned once in a while as they tend to collect dust.


The flooring for a nursery is without a doubt need to be carpets. The soft texture of carpets can give a safe space for babies to play on and reduce the impact of any falls. It is also easy to clean with a simple vacuuming. Carpets can filter the air of any impurities as well and keep the nursery air clean. If your room already has tiles or any other hard floor, the next best option is to use a baby mat or a rug. But just like when using soft toys, rugs need to be cleaned often too to get rid of dust and dirt.


Since this will be where your baby will spend most of his/ her time, cribs should be selected carefully. Both the baby’s comfort and safety has to be taken into consideration. The frame size of a crib is generally 53 inches in length and 28 inches in width. The mattress you choose has to fit perfectly in the frame and should not leave any space where babies can get stuck. Crib rail has to be tall enough for the baby to be safe and not fall but also shouldn’t be too tall either. 26 – 29 inches are the best height for a rail. It is better to choose a versatile crib which you can easily convert into a toddler bed as your little one grow up.

The safety of the baby and a healthy environment for them to grow up in might require a bit of work from you. Stick to these tips and you won’t have to go through the stress of deciding what items will be safe and what will not.


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