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Are you at that point in life, when you cannot decide whether or not you should go ahead with having a baby? Does your partner insist on trying for a baby, but you are still confused?

Well, these pointers might be able to help you make the decision!

Write down a list of why you believe you should or shouldn’t have the baby

Make a list of things why you think that you should have a baby and another list of why you shouldn’t. Writing it down will actually help you make a decision. Especially when things are on paper you will be able to think more clearly.When you make a list, you will be able to make a stable decision. Make sure that the list you make is free of intervention from other people other than your partner!

What is your financial stability?

Your financial stability will be one of the most important elements on which you will need to base your decision on. If you have a fixed rate of income and your partner and you are able to cover the expenses of a new born even with a little difficulty, should be sufficient for you to go ahead with the baby. However, if you are already deep in debts and have a very bad financial background, you might want to postpone having the baby until you get some stability in your financial status. Because you don’t want to be responsible for the birth of a baby to whom you cannot provide even the necessities.

 What is your relationship with your partner?

Are you in a stable relationship with your partner? If you are a married couple, then you may want to consider the status of your marriage. Sometimes, a baby can be just the cure for all the problems in a marriage. Or it could be like rubbing salt on a wound! So, you need to carefully analyze how stable your relationship with your partner is! Your partner should also be in favour of having the baby. Don’t ever force your partner to having a baby. Because it may cause problems in your relationship. Always make plans that will suggest a happy and healthy family relationship in the future. The best thing to do would be to discuss it clearly with your partner before going ahead with any decision!

Is it simply fear?

Sometimes, it may be unnecessary fear of how things might turn out to be. The truth is, you will never know how things will turn out to be unless you take the plunge! The bad news is that you cannot reverse having the baby. The good news is that baby’s are real little miracles that can actually increase love and happiness in a household!


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