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Are you dreading having to travel with a new born? Whether it is the first time or the hundredth time, you are bound to fear what might happen whilst travelling with the little human!

However, you cannot simply sit locked up in the house just because of a new baby! Sooner or later you will babe to try experimenting travelling with the baby! Actually, it is advisable that you start as early as possible!

So, here are some tips that you may find helpful!

Car seat is a must!

Using a car seat for the travel purposes of the little kids is a must. Not only is it comfortable for both the baby and the mom, but it is also the safest way of traveling with little ones. They will be safe from sudden brakes and jerks, also they will be safer buckled up in case of an accident. There was also an incident that was reported in the recent past of a car going wayward in a forestry road and the car meeting with an accident. The parents lost their lives on the spot and the baby who was buckled up in the back seat was thrown out of the windshield and had landed safely a few meters ahead in the car seat. Authorities only knew that there was a baby also because of the baby on board sticker that was pasted. Miraculously the baby survived! So remember, car seat and a baby on board badge is a must!

Be prepared!

No baby is going to be seated in a single place and willingly travelled all buckled up. But the difficulty is only for the first few rides. Once they realize that there is no travelling without a car seat, they will just give in to it! You will however, need to be prepared for all the pooping and vomiting! You never know what will happen and especially when! Make sure to carry extra clothes for the baby and you. And don’t forget baby wipes which are the greatest inventions of all times, if you ask a mother! Then you will need cologne, some tissues, hand sanitizer and a little snack for yourself to deal with at all! Chocolate has been voted as the best antidote!


Don’t forget to take breaks on the way if you are traveling far

Take regular breaks especially if you are driving a long distance. It can be very stressful for a new born to travel long distances all at once. You can drive the majority whilst they are sleeping and have breaks once they are up. Make sure that you always give them a breath of fresh air once in a way. And if you are travelling extremely long distances which I wouldn’t recommend if the baby is below 6 months, then you should try to stay the night at a motel and go the next day, without driving throughout!

Make sure to start with little distances first

Every big achievement began with a little step! Even in this scenario you need to first start with little distances first and then see how the experience is going. It will help your baby to familiarize with being buckled up and going on a ride. And you will be able to read his signs more accurately hance be more prepared!


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