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Most of us assume that our talents are our natural abilities. That is, you could be athletic or skilful in math or drawing or maybe a good singer or a guitar player. However, talents can also be developed or built. You do not have to be born with a certain talent. Some talents such as singing or drawing might be hereditary and hence a person is born with it, however any kid can be encouraged to follow their passion on a certain talent that they prefer.

How to Find Out What Their Passion Is?

When it comes to the children, we tend seeking out what they are good at, naturally. Then we (unwittingly) push them to follow that and embrace the relevant skills. However, this might not be the exact way to go and can even backfire. The most dangerous part is that it can discourage the kids to go on even before finding their true passion for something.

Therefore, the best method is to let the kids themselves discover their interests. You can sit back and observe what sort of activities are excitable to them. When they were very little, they might have liked to dance a lot, swaying whenever they hear some music. However, as they grow, they will grow out of it and show that their true passion lies in something else. It is our responsibility to let them find that true passion and support them on it.

Praise the Efforts

Even natural talents need to be sharpened, honed and practiced. Your kid might have to give 101% to whatever the activity they chose. Or it might just come to him or her quite naturally and with a very minimum level of work, they may get highly successful in it. However, if they are very good at something do not gloat over the natural skills. Especially don’t brag about it to other kids and their parents.

You can help them with providing stuff, such as buying them art boards online, crayons and other art supplies if your kid is good in drawing. Or if they are good in oratory skills, enrol them in a debate club etc. Either way, remember that practice is progression and at the end, might lead to perfection. It is not always perfection and it doesn’t have to be.

Do Not Pressure Them

A very common mistake made by parents is pushing the kids too much. You might sign them up for dancing, swimming, painting and a thousand other activities without even asking them. You expect they will experience all of this and one of them will stick.

However, it is criticized by today’s professionals to have kids pushed into so many activities and making them part of a very busy schedule where the end result is, they are tired all the time, and their health is affected. Many of these activities may lead to competitions; whilst a competitive spirit is a good thing to have, it is not very healthy to ingrain an idea of going against one another at all times. Instead, let them find out their passion by normal daily activities, discussing or playing with their friends and so on.

If your kid is not coming at the top of whatever you want them to be in, do not fret about it. Let them have their time, sit back and watch as they bloom.


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