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Feeling depressed after the birth of a baby is a very normal thing. In fact, according to a research almost every 1 in 4 mothers experience feelings of depression at one point or another during postpartum. So, if you have been lately harbouring negative thoughts and you are worried about what is happening to you. Well, just know that it is normal and of course curable!

Here are some things that you should do!

What are your thoughts?

You need to first assess how far depressed you feel. You need to know the extent to which you have been affected by this depression. You need to know how far gone you are, to actually come out of it completely. So, you can note down if you have feelings of self harm or are you simply fed up of your life. Do you have someone to share the thoughts and feelings with? Do you thoughts of harming the baby as well? Most of these horrible stories we hear of mothers harming their own children is mainly caused by improperly treated or completely ignored postpartum depression!

Speak to your partner or a friend

Next, you need to talk to someoneabout how you are feeling. It is best that the mother speaks to the father of the new born. Because most probably the partner will be able to understand the mother better. He will be able to not only understand but also bring you out of the depression. The depression is mainly caused by the hormone imbalance in the body and the stressful nature of labour pain and the sleepless nights and tired days. A new born’s mother in particular is affected adversely by all this physical and emotional stress! Which is why you need to get rid of the stress by talking it out to someone!

Get medical help

If you feel like, the depression is continuing and you can do nothing about it. You even come to a stage where you are contemplating suicide or harm to the baby. So, you actually should get medical attention before such an occurrence. If you don’t have anyone to bring you out of the depression your only option is to consult a professional.

Engage in activities that relieve stress for you

Although you would have most probably lot interest in things you love to do, due to the depression. Being constantly surrounded by the happy and good things will actually make a difference in your mood. You will feel better and will actually start to change. Especially travelling can make a huge difference! If you are able to engage in the activities that you believe you love and would enable you relieve yourself of stress then don’t hesitate in engaging it!


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