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Are you planning a kids’ party? Then knowing the right type of food items to have will be one of the key points in ensuring that the children actually have a good time. If there are adults, you will most probably have to do two different menus. There will be one for the kids and one for the grownups essentially. When you think of the different food items that kids will enjoy you have to make sure that they are also nutritious and safe for kids to eat. Here are some great food and dessert ideas that can help your kids have fun and enjoy a good meal.

Ideas for Veggies

If you just try giving veggies to kids at a party, they will almost always not eat it. But if you try and give it to them in a clever manner, most probably combined with something that they really love to eat, they will enjoy it a whole lot more. For example, you can do little muffins that look cute stuffed with cheese and broccoli. This way you get the kids to eat some broccoli as they love cheese usually. The food should be visually very appealing to them too, you must remember that aspect as well. The visually more appealing food is, the higher the chance that kids will actually enjoy eating it. The same goes for any other vegetable too. You can make zucchini boats, avocado boats, potato and cheese curls and the likes.

Some Dessert Tips

Now when it comes to desserts, you will have to choose a couple or more things. If it is during the summer you should try getting some shaved ice cones. If you have not tried them yet, you must try it today and you will realize why your kids will love them. You can use fruity flavours to give them a nice fruity punch as well. You can also have desserts like peanut butter cups – but do make sure that you clearly label them so that kids with allergies can avoid them. If you want to play safe it would be better to altogether avoid using ingredients like peanuts where you can so that there is no risk. Banana boats, mango splits, fruity trifles are all great ideas that kids will love to try and will also be nutritious. Be sure to add some chocolate wherever possible so that kids will enjoy it more.

Drinks and Smoothies

When you serve drinks at a kids’ party, try and stay away from artificial and sugary fizzy pops as much as possible. These are filled with colours, preservatives and other chemicals and while they may be all the rage with the kids, it is not good for their health. Substitute these with fruit and veggie smoothies, fresh fruit juices and even fruit juice popsicles so that they can enjoy the taste while also taking in something nutritious. These are some fundamental and easy ideas that you can try out at a kids’ party and see how they work out.


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