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Carrying a child in your womb is both an honour and a responsibility. And, it is also a form of sacrifice since women need to give up certain things just to bring a healthy baby in this world. Women undergo physical changes that will require them to sacrifice looking fit because the baby is more important than keeping a slender figure. It is definitely a sacrifice worth making.

After birth, you can always do what you must to win your pre-pregnancy body back. To aid you with your journey, here are simple yet effective tips to help you out.

Watch What You Eat

This may seem a bit tricky especially in the case of breastfeeding mums. Do not be discouraged or afraid of it, though, because there are still ways to make sure that you and your baby get the right nutrition without having to gain so much weight. For one, you can choose snacks that are healthier options for you such as raisins rather than bread or drinking water or fresh fruit juices rather than sweetened beverages. You may feel stressed in the first months―or years, maybe―of your pregnancy that you get a tendency to over-eat. Watching the amount of food you take is also quite important. If you are not sure whether you are eating right, you can always get ideas from well-trusted websites or blogs such as Mi Baloo. These articles are geared towards helping mothers and pregnant women and are always available for you to refer to.

Get Back On Track with Your Exercise

Before getting yourself into any work-out routine, make sure that you have the all-clear from your doctor. Remember that your body has gone through a lot of drastic changes in the process of your pregnancy to giving birth and so, you need to be very careful with any activity because too much strain may not be good for you still. If you happen to get a signal that you are fine to do some exercise, then do so and proceed with care and caution. Simple exercises may be good for you such as walking, breathing exercises and maybe swimming, too. These activities can do so much for your health as well as your opportunity to get some much needed “me” time in the crazy world of motherhood.

Get As Much Sleep As You Can

Since pregnancy days until now that you have a new-born in tow, you could totally say that you barely get enough sleep. That is so true but you must also know that for you to be able to get yourself back on track, you need to have as much sleep as you can. It is difficult to get a full night’s sleep, of course, but what you can do is to grab the chance to squeeze in a nap every now and then. If the baby sleeps, take the opportunity to sleep, too. Do not think of all the things that you need to do as the baby sleeps. You can do them all later. Even if the baby wakes, you can definitely manage to do some chores every now and then but if you lack sleep, even doing the simplest of chores can feel like you are cleaning the whole house upside down. Be good to yourself and get that nap that you badly need.

Being a new mum and trying to get fit again is not easy. There will be challenges, yes, but with discipline and proper care of yourself, you will do just fine.


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