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Planning a children’s party is great fun, it is your time to get creative and go all out. However, planning a great party comes with many responsibilities. Ensuring that your kid’s friend’s needs are met is always key. Read ahead for some ideas that could help you with sorting out your guest’s goody bags

Food Items

When you are thinking of including food items into your goody bags, you have to think of the best items the kids would love. We suggest going with chocolate or sweet items to play it safe, you could add on some savor biscuits and other savory items to go with as well. You could save up your cost and gift the kid’s something to nibble onto. However, one thing you should be aware of is that some kids could be allergic to certain food items. So keep this in mind whilst trying to plan out the perfect goody bag.

School Items

Every child could always benefit from gifts that could help their academic life, although it may seem boring to the kids, the parents will be thrilled with this simple gesture.

Stationery could come up in handy when planning out goody bags, you could gift some fancy highlighters, note pads and other little things that are useful for school going kids.

Clothing Items

When choosing clothes, you could go all out and invest in something good because clothes could be worn for a longer time frame. Therefore, you will be spending but also saving as your guests could wear clothes for a longer time.

If you are having an all-girl party, the best way to satisfy your guests is to buy kids clothing. You could choose one very creative piece for all the little girls. This will surely make all your kid’s guests very happy and stand out from the rest of the goody bags.

Tickets To Movie Premiers

If you want to be extra and throw in a treat for your kid’s guests, buying tickets for an anticipated movie premiere would be the best gift.

If you are unable to do that, you could still buy a great movie and gift it to the kids.

Electronics Carrier Cases

Children of this day often have laptops, iPad and phones. They would love new additions to their case collection, as there is such a craze for cases. You could save up money and buy in bulk and bargain to get deals as well. This will benefit you and your kid’s friends too.

Other Cool Things

If you are feeling that you haven’t treated the kids well, you could add up some stickers, tattoos, glow pens, glow sticks and any other hype that kids are into nowadays along with the chosen item you have selected to gift your guests.  You could also gift basketballs, swimwear items and other sporty gifts that could benefit your guests.

Remember, you need to choose your goody bags according to the guests that are invited. So that all the kids will be satisfied and happy.


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