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As humans we all make mistakes which sometimes has a negative consequence in our life. This is part of learning process. However, once we become a parent we are no longer control of our lives. We do things according to our children and at such when we make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly it can have a huge impact on the lives of our children which might remain with them for as long as they live. So here are few mistakes you need to be avoiding as a parent.

Not Giving Them Enough Time

Quite often parents are unable to give their children much time because they have financial commitments for which they have to go out and be working for long hours. This is why parents should take turns so if the father is out there working then the mother should look after and vice versa. If both parents are working during weekdays then on your day offs you have to make the maximum and spend as much time as possible with your child. Only then they will feel comfortable with you and share things as they grow up. If you always stay distant then this bond will never grow. Keep in mind although making money is important you also need to give your child the time, because your goal is to raise a human and not simply sponsor for them.

Not Doing Enough Research

As a parent keep in mind that every decision you are making on behalf of your child can have a huge impact on his or her life. So before doing anything you need to do your research which many parents don’t. For example when it comes to admitting your child to a school, sometimes you might go for the cheapest possible option. This is a bad way of looking into things because quality of education matters. Also your child is going to be spending eighteen years of his or her life in it so you need to make sure that the place is worth it. If you want your child to learn about Christianity then checkout the best schools in sunshine coast. Apart from having an excellent academic record they also have co-curricular activities which will shape the character of your child. Simply education is not enough, your child needs to be involved in games and arts so he/she can identify what they are good at and make the future career choices based on it.

Simply Infantilizing Them

This is one of the biggest mistakes any parent makes. Your child will always be your “baby” but it doesn’t mean that you don’t let them grow up and make their own decisions or even let them do things by themselves. This is one of the biggest issues in Asian countries, Asian mothers infantilize their male child so much that they are unable to do basic things like cooking and washing their clothes. You don’t have to make them dependent on you all your life. So irrespective of gender teach them to do their own work all by themselves.

Hope avoiding the above mistakes helps you become a great parent.


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