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Oh the old wives tales and babies! There is actually an endless supply of such tales, most of which are baseless and extremely dangerous to the baby!

So, the next time you think of following an old wives tale, think again!

The swollen nipples indicate bad milk that needs to be squeezed out

This is a completely false and baseless lie! It is only normal for some babies both male and female to develop a swollen or even mildly popped up nipple on their breasts. This might be visible only just after birth or in some cases up to a few months after birth. However, this is completely normal in babies. This happens because babies are exposed to the hormones that cause the mother’s breast to swell and develop the milk glands. And sometimes by pressing the nipples of the baby a little milk may even come out. But it will come from a tear caused in the nipple due to the pressing and hence expose the baby to dangerous infections and in most cases it ends badly. What you need to do? Well, its simple! Just leave it to be. Nature will take its course and with time the swell will reduce and go back to normal since the baby is now not exposed to that hormone.

A baby’s head, limb and features need to be ‘made’!

This again is a false belief, mainly held by the older generation. There is no scientific evidence to prove that by simply holding the legs together or straightening the arms you are enabling the baby’s limb to fall into place! Squeezing the nose from both sides is not going to give your baby the perfect sharp nose, like a nose job would! Their feature is going to remain the same. Although slight changes can happen in certain cases, there has never been proof that you make any such changes! Well, just stop massacringthe baby!

The baby needs to be given other food

A baby’s nutrition comes from the milk of the mother! And, yes! It alone is solely enough to supplement all the necessary vitamins and proteins for the growth of the baby. And no, you don’t even have to feed the baby water. The milk of the mother is the only potion the baby requires. It is very important that the mother feeds the mother sufficiently! However, if your baby is not accepting breast milk then of course you can go for other options such as formula. Do keep in mind that when you breast feed your baby completely for 6 months without other addition food, you are giving your baby an extremely strong immune system!

Get the baby to walk as early as possible

Whether it is crawling, talking, teething or walking, each baby will do it at their own phase. There is absolutely no need for you to do anything for the baby to speed up any action. Every baby is different and they will tale their own time to do things. It is your responsibility to always be there for them but never force them to do anything! Especially walking, because making them walk before they are ready will only put unnecessary strain on their legs, increasing the risk of a child’s leg to be damaged!


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