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When you have a child who is in the stage where they are picking up everything and learning new things, new skills and observing things around them, it is very important that the right things are out in their way This does not mean that you shield your child away from anything you deem not correct and prevent the child from seeing both the good and the bad in the world, no, it simply means that you allow your child to learn everything instead of holding them back and making decisions for them even at such an early age.

The margin for misunderstanding the previous statement is naturally quite high and contrary to popular belief, letting your child make decisions from a very early age will truly allow your child to hone some very essential set of thinking skills that will benefit the child’s after life. As parents we tend to shield our children away from anything unpleasant and try to show them a marvellous world, but this is not the correct way to learning. The best way to approach the age of your child’s learning is to find ways to enhance their learning opportunities. Here are some ways you can tackle this:

Make Your Child’s Environment a Place That They Can Learn From

What I mean by this is quite simple; when your child has approached that age and the stage in their life where they start to pick up everything, then transform their environment from one that was previously set out to amuse the child to one that stimulates learning. For instance, rather than taking your child to a simple day care, there are early learning centre in the heart of Altona that you can drop your child off at.

This way while the child is being taken care of, they also learn new things. Spending the majority of their time in this type of stimulating environment is really beneficial for young children during their stages of learning. They don’t need to be pushed too much, just encouraged in small ways to enhance their ability to quickly gran tings from around them, for instance, singing songs that teach them to recognize colours or numbers or names of animals etc. can be a small but effective start.

Buy Your Child Toys That Has Some Reward for Learning Something New

Once your child has reached that learning stage in their life, rather than spending money on toys that simply make some funny noise or just are plain colourful, buy them toys that they have to engage with. Things like simple puzzles, number games or any other items that will provoke thinking in your child would be ideal. The key concept here is that your child learns through rewards while enjoying the game or toy for themselves. Most of the time, getting your child to sit still and concentrate on one thing can be a very tedious task, especially for younger children, therefore allowing them to learn for themselves is a much better suited method that will enhance their learning.

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