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Hosting an event is never easy. With a guest list comes a difficult decision. From formal mixers to office parties to seasonal celebrations there’s always a theme and to satisfy all is the goal.


The place where the gathering is to be held has to be practical and easy to find. There are many corporate function venues Melbourne that rent out their space on an hourly or daily rate. This is a crucial element as it takes up a big chunk of the budget. Keep in mind the guest list before selecting the site as you don’t want it to get overcrowded or look empty.

Food And Drink

Always be mindful of the theme and select a menu to go with it. Finger foods and mini meals work best for such gatherings. To throw in a bit of fun a cocktail bar could be set up. It’s best to provide tables so guest could have their food comfortably.  The best scenario for such events would be food served by waiters; this would eliminate long queues at food tables or buffet stations. Make sure enough food is ordered for the people attending and no shortages follow. 

If drinks are served, refrigeration arrangements have to be made and ice is a must, ss stock up on much ice as possible.

Technical Check Ups

If the meetings include a presentation or a speech it is best to make sure everything works well before the event.  Many times an event is interrupted due to technical failure resulting in miscommunication and embarrassing situations. Have a technician run all last minute tests to be sure nothing like it happens.


For any party, tables, chairs, dinnerware, glassware and cutlery has to be rented. It is always budget friendly to do the rentals by yourself without handing it to the caterers who add a mark up costs to such expenses. One thing to keep in mind is the theme of the party and rent accordingly and sufficiently. You don’t want people to stand while they should be seated or get a cocktail table for a buffet. Bring in an expert if necessary.


Make sure the time and date of the booking are right. In case of special guests,  call and confirm the day before to avoid last minute absentee.

Parties without entertainment are boring, so make sure there is something set up for the guests. This would most likely make people look forward to the next one and not make it daunting.  Never organise a party alone. Always ask someone to help or volunteer and take into considerations their ideas to make it a better experience. Assign responsible people with tasks to be carried on during the event and remind them to stick to it without wandering off to talk to the guests.  Keep in mind the budget and follow it or you could end up spending from your own pocket. Organising an event is a hard task and attention has to be given to all tiny details.


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