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Every event has a first time, and everybody has participated in a kid’s birthday party for a first time as well. When you are young and things were fun you went to so many parties, but you have no idea what exactly to expect when you’re going for a birthday party thrown for a kid of 1 or 2 years as an adult. It could be your niece or nephew or a friend’s baby.

Be on Time

Unlike when you were going for a 21st birthday party or a graduation party for your best friend you cannot arrive very late because this party is for a baby and he or she would be sleeping by the time you come to the party! If the card said cake cutting at 6:30 p.m. you better be there by 6:30 p.m. and don’t expect to have a substantial size of a cake piece, when a delicious cake is surrounded by little hooligans.

However, if you do know the kid who is celebrating his or her birthday, best be there on time or even before that and talk to them and hand them the gift. Never arrive without a gift. If you forget about it or remembered at the last moment, check more and buy something online before it’s too late.

Be Conscious About What to Wear

This is not a glamor party like what you were used to. Nobody’s here to show off what they are wearing or to meet somebody that they would like. It’ll be a lot of kids running around and probably throwing cake everywhere. Anyhow, stick to something comfortable as well as not very revealing.

It is not to say that you never meet a guy or a girl that you like at a baby’s birthday party, of course the parents have their other friends, however the adult guests will be judgmental if you arrive all “bling-bling”. And if you are a lovable uncle or an aunt, the kids will expect them to play with you. So, it is best to have something comfy donned on which will cover your body when you have to roll on the ground with those kids.

Help with The Party

Unless you are a very third-party sort of a friend or a colleague that was invited because you are a member of the team or something like that, you can volunteer to help with the party. A kid’s party, similar to any other party, has a lot of work to be done.

You can volunteer for small tasks such as bringing the cake or helping with decorations. If you don’t have time on the relevant date, you can pitch-in before, in writing and posting invitations. Or, even afterwards, when the cleaning up has to be done!

It is a good practice when you are invited to a baby’s birthday party when you are not married or settled down already. Try to learn a lesson and execute an effective event when it is your time. 


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