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Choosing gifts for kids are sometimes hard. However, if you know what to look for and where to look for, gift hinting for kids will not be as hard as it sounds. Here are some of the things you can consider before buying a perfect gift for a child.


Before buying any gift, you have to make sure it is age appropriate. Each toy has a specific age group to which it is made. For example, for children under none year old gifts that are stimulating are the best. Especially those with a lot of colours or recordings with lullabies which they listen to. For older infants the best toys are those they can pretend actions with such as dolls or puppets or building blocks. Similarly, even for other gift types such as books or even clothes, the age of the baby has to be considered before you purchase the item. Toys would often have the age group specified on the label. The same is sometimes on books. For clothes you can either look for age groups or try to pick something using the size.

Educational Gifts

Gifts does not only have to be entertaining. While it is completely alright to buy a gift that is only designed for fun, getting a gift that is educational and fun both will make the learning experiences of the child more interesting and less boring. There are many educational games available for children such as the classic board games like snakes and ladders, checkers or chess. These games help the kids to develop their thinking skills and let them do so in a more entertaining and interactive manner.

Would They Like It

Kids will not like a gift just because it is fun or looks nice. Nor will gifts be useful to kids just because they are educational. If they already have enough board games or books, look for something other than these two types. If you know others are going to give the child something like a new dress, then steer clear of girls dresses or boys clothes as gifts. But if everyone is getting them board games or books, then getting them their favourite dress or t-shirt is a good idea. Instead look for things they don’t already have so that your gift is an original and let the kid learn or experience something new.

Look for Their Interests

Sometimes kids will have certain gifts they prefer. Older children usually have hobbies they like. If you already know them, you can get them something that will help them to practice their hobbies or interests. Stamp collection books, sports gear, books and magazines, sketch books, colouring books, cooking books or sewing kits are some gifts that will allow older children to perfect their skills and interests. You can also look into other personal interests such as their favourite sportsperson, favourite sport, favourite movie or superhero, their idol etc. to give them more personalized gifts such as customized t-shirts or posters.

When you look into all these areas, you will be able to choose a gift that is both fun and educational as well as useful for the receiver.


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