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Are you two parents that are super excited to bring your little one into the world but just have so much to do and do not know where to start? Read along soon to be parents, we got you and your little one!


The first thing you need to do is, order up a crib and get your baby’s room done. If you are closer to your date, you could have your gender reveal and decorate according to your baby’s gender.

During this time, dad you need to be spending loads of time helping soon to be mummy out. 

Pre & After Care

You need to ensure that your baby is delivered at the right place with the specialized equipment and doctors. Contacting the best obstetrician Melbourne could help you a lot and ensure you and your baby are well taken care of.  

During this time you need to be consuming lots of liquids, vitamins and nutritious foods.


After you have sorted out where you want your little one to be delivered, you could take some time to go shopping for your little one. Toys, comforting items and clothing to keep your baby warm at night and cotton clothing for the day. You could also shop for any other necessities or things you’d like to decorate your baby’s room with. Perhaps creating a small nursery if you had the time would be even greater.

Ordering bottles and sterilizers should be done at the fastest to avoid any online traffic.

Hosting A Baby Shower

Now that you have your little one’s gender revealed, you and your partner could host a little shower. This will also be a good way to receive more useful items for your baby that sometimes parents could forget about. 

This will also be good for you two to relax a little bit and enjoy the pregnancy. After all you have covered all the hard parts, its also important that mummy is well cared for and in relaxed environments.

Regular Check Ups

It is so important not to miss your check ups that would have been signed to you after checking into a secure and trusted place for delivery. Listen to your doctor’s instrutions to the T and always communicate with your doctor for any advice you need to seek.

In addition, you could ask your doc to prescribe some added vitamins and tips you could do to further make yourself healthy for you and the baby. Remember small things go along way, so look into the small details of care as well.

Expand Your Knowledge

Lastly, During this period would be the best time to educate each other on aspects needed to go further on this beautiful journey together.

You could watch professionals touching base on parenting and pregnancy. Podcasts are also an option that could be time convenient and useful. Books come in handy, always. The more you know the better, as there is so much to learn during this journey.


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