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Children learn and develop through a variety of ways. Aside from school activities, they also learn a lot of things by interacting with adults, observing their surroundings and even through play. Kids love almost all kinds of toys but as parents, it is our responsibility to provide them with toys that help stimulate learning and development.

Children play not just for fun. Through play, they can experiment and learn about the real world without the risks associated with it. There are so many aspects developed through playtime such as self-discipline, language and communication skills, social skills, creativity and curiosity, intellect and personal character.

With so many toys to choose from, parents find it difficult to choose which one is the best for their child. Here are the best toys that are proven to encourage learning among the little ones.

Plush Toys and Puppets

Lots of kids love stuffed toys. In fact, some even get attached to their favourite plushie that they carry it around with them everywhere they go. Parents can actually use this attachment to teach their kids how to handle their emotions through stuffed toys. Puppets are also a classic when it comes to acting out or role play children’s favourite stories.

Dolls and Action Figures

Playing with dolls and action figures encourages imagination and creativity through play. Children get to play with their favourite character and get to do a lot of fun things with them through imaginative play.


Vehicle toys such as cars, trucks, planes, trains and many more take children’s imagination on the road. Whether it is a big truck or some mini hot wheels, your kid will surely enjoy it, especially when shared with playmates.

Realistic Toys

Instead of buying those miniature plastic versions of household things for kids to play with, it is better to get them realistic toys that are kid-sized. There are plenty of choices available such as a cleaning set, a gardening set, and a lot more. Kids can actually learn real life activities through these toys such as sweeping the floor, gardening, baking and cooking and a lot more skills. Realistic toys are also more durable than those tiny cheap ones so your money doesn’t go to waste.

Dress – Up

Pretend play with costumes is a fun game older children love. Aside from sparking creativity by allowing them to explore, mix and match clothes, it also encourages thinking and imagination by letting them play a different character.

Builder Toys

Builder and construction toys such as Legos, blocks and playdough stimulate creativity and innovativeness among kids. They get to create whatever they want and there are endless possibilities of what they could create. Make sure that you choose those sets with big pieces and contain safe ingredients if you’re buying for your toddler.


Brainteasers and puzzles are perfect for older or school-aged children. Solving puzzles and riddles help stimulate their thinking and they can actually learn a lot of new information from this type of play. Stores like Nest 2 Me offer a variety of educational toys your kid will surely love.

As parents, we always want the best for our kids. Boost their learning and development by choosing fun educational games they will surely love.


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