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Nurturing and developing your little one’s confidence is such a challenging responsibility. Every child is unique thus, different strategies work for each one of them. As a parent, knowing your child fully is an essential part in finding ways to develop him into the best he could be. Here are some ways to nurture and develop your child’s confidence.

Offer Lots of Activities

A child learns a lot through play. Aside from playing with same-age children, your little one benefits the most when you play together. You can learn a lot about your child through play such as his strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. There are lots of activities to choose from that develops a child’s social skills such as role playing, pretend play, sports, dancing and singing. If you’re interested in developing your child’s passion in music, we would be glad to help you. Our professional instructors provide educational classes and teach fun and exciting dance for preschool and toddlers.

Give Them Your Attention

Even if they are still young, toddlers and pre-schoolers need much of your attention too. You can show him that you’re paying attention by taking a moment to stop what you’re doing and listen to what your child has to say. Making eye contact while listening and responding to your little one gives an assurance that you are really paying attention. Another way is to spend some time alone with your child. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll read him a story before bedtime or take a stroll together as long as you’re giving your undivided attention.

Allow Mistakes to Happen

It is tempting to snap at your child when he does something wrong. However, you must try to avoid this if you’re raising resilient and confident kids. Allow mistakes to happen so your child will know that it happens normally. When your child commits a mistake, help him think through about what he could do to avoid it next time.

Give Them Unconditional Love

A child’s confidence grows when he feels that he is loved by his family. Simple gestures such as kisses and hugs go a long way in letting your child feel loved. Let him feel that he is accepted for what he truly is. When disciplining him, be clear that it is the bad behaviour that you dislike and not your child.

Understand Their Emotion

Most toddlers and pre-schoolers have their own versions of showing their emotions. Tantrums are common during this age especially when they are still learning how to express their emotions effectively. Instead of snapping on them, try to understand how your child feels without judging. That way, your child knows that you value his feelings and what he has to say.

Raising a confident child is truly one of the greatest challenges you face in parenthood. Just put in your best efforts and you can be assured to raise a child that is resilient, respectful, self-reliant and confident – ready to face and handle life’s challenges.


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