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From stamps to toys, many of the niches in the collectible items industry are now worth billions of dollars. People buy collectibles for various reasons. For instance, they may ‘invest’ in an expensive and rare item in hopes of turning a profit when its price hikes in the future.  However for some people, their reasons are much more emotionally-driven and personal. For them, a collectible is a powerful inducer of nostalgia- a way to instantly relive childhood memories.

If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you’re interested in the collectible items industry. If you’re considering purchasing a collectible item as an investment, you’ll definitely want to read on because we’ll be covering some of the most popular niches in the industry:

Comic Books

Reading comic books was definitely a very enjoyable past time back in the day. It is probably because of this strong nostalgia tied to them that certain rare issues are valued at mind-boggling amounts today. The first issue of Action Comics which featured the debut appearance of Superman sold for just 10 cents a piece on release. Presently, a copy of this same issue (provided that it is in mint condition) is valued at over a million dollars. In fact, one particular copy sold at a record-breaking $3.2 million dollars.

If you want to run to your attic and pull out your old comic book collection right now, we don’t blame you. While you may not find something that’s worth in excess of a million dollars, you might still stumble upon an issue that’s got a decent price tag.

Trading Cards

Trading cards like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh are still beloved by children all across the globe. You’ll find kids lining up at stores to buy new Pokémon trading cards even today. While rare Pokémon cards may not have the same value as rare comic books, the former can still fetch you a pretty penny. For instance, one of the extremely rare Pikachu illustrator cards were once sold for $100,000.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture has been prized collectible items for centuries. They’ve been craved for and sought after by the richest and the most eccentric for as long as those types of people have existed in this world. While the most expensive comic book of all time is valued at $3.2 million, the most expensive antique furniture, the Badminton Cabinet, is priced at nine times the amount, reaching a staggering $28.8 million.

Classic Cars

Classic cars are more than a mere investment. They’re a symbol of wealth and status and present the owner in a very classy, sophisticated light. Hence it could be argued that classic cars are more of an element that contributes to an upper class lifestyle that something to profit off of in the future.


You’ve probably heard of people collecting coins more than a few times. While most of those collecting coins do it out of mere interest, for some it’s an obsession with owning a part of history and for others, a sound investment. One of the biggest advantages of coins over antique furniture and classic cars is that they’re more accessible to people who want to start collecting them.

So whether you want to explore a new hobby or try your hand at investing, the collectible items industry can definitely accommodate.


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