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Having your child get a full, good night’s sleep goes far beyond having some quiet time to reboot your body and de-stress (though, this is quite important too). Falling short of a good night’s sleep can have drastic effects on your child’s behavior. Having as little as one hour less sleep time a day for a week can cause some visible differences. So here are some reasons why your child needs his full round of rest.


You’ve probably heard the saying that sleep is the body’s healing period where it recovers from the day’s work. This much is true, but did you know that growth hormones are primarily secreted when you’re asleep too? If you’ve ever had a secret suspicion that your baby seems to be growing overnight, this is probably the reasoning behind it! Italian researchers have also found that those with less hours of sleep than the average child, have deficient levels of growth hormones.


Better sleep actually protects kids from future vascular damage. Research has found that those with sleep disorders, have fight or flight reactions throughout the night that keeps their blood glucose and cortisol elevated. This leaves them more at risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


This begins at the infancy stage. Parents are taught then itself by doctors to differentiate between a crying baby and a distressed baby so that they aren’t overfed. Generally, a baby can be soothed into sleep by swaddling or cradling. This is just the start of watching out for your child’s weight. This is a training period where they realize when they are full they have to stop eating and be settled into sleep instead of being fed some more. Fast forward a few years and your child will secrete a hormone known as leptin when he is satisfied with his meal that will signal to his body that he is full. A worn-out, sleep deprived child would not secrete this hormone, making them eat more. It is also worth noting that sleep-deprived kids crave foods that are higher in fat.

Attention span

And of course, a good night’s sleep directly affects your child’s ability to pay attention and start the day refreshed. Especially when enrolled in a preschool Chipping Norton, you’ll want your child to focus on their work and better control their mood and impulses. You’d think that they’d be more worn out, but children with fewer hours of sleep tend to be more hyperactive and irritable.


Turns out your body produces a number of things when it’s asleep, which include cytokines. Cytokines are the body’s natural defense against illness and germs. Adults and children with fewer hours of sleep (as little as 6 hours of sleep) are more at risk of impacting the number of cytokines produced and thus, also impacting your ability to combat illness.

This means that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night are more likely to get a cold or flu when exposed to the germ than those who get their full 8 hours.

These are precisely why your child needs a solid night’s rest before he begins the next day!


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